Virtual Learning Enrollment (includes one time $50.00 registration fee)

Virtual Learning Enrollment (includes one time $50.00 registration fee)

Come learn with us!

Introducing my new learning center!

Moms all over are screaming for help with their child’s virtual learning. We’ve provided a space where they can come for the day and we will assist them in their virtual learning! We will keep them on schedule, help with technical difficulties, make sure they understand directions, and most of all, help them focus!

They’ll bring their lunch and something to occupy them when they’re done learning for the day if you need care after they log off. They will be encouraged to use their imagination, read, color/draw, and interact with the other children.

The hours are 7:50am - 5:00pm. Cost is $175 per week and a $50 registration fee. Please call, text or stop by for more information! 410-739-3276


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